Can you feel the wind in Heaven

Can you hear me call your name

Can you see the tears that fall

This world wont ever be the same


Can you feel the wind in Heaven

When we gather in our group

Can you hear the sound of silence

When we look where you once stood.


Can you feel the wind in Heaven

Can you hear the ladies cry

Can you feel our broken hearts

When we have to say goodbye


Can you feel the wind in Heaven

While the men hold back the tears

Leather clad and watery eyes

And know we’d rather have you here


I hope there is a Biker Heaven

And we will meet again someday

I hope to feel the wind in Heaven

And shake your hand again that day


By The Picture Guy


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We hope you have a great ride filled with great memories




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In 2003 Kidd and Larry traveled cross country to celebrate Rocky's 50th Birthday. Love you guys!!  (pictures on the bottom).


                                Fourth of July 1977 Party at Rocky's

                                                Eastside San Jose


Check out the movie "The Hisory of the Chopper"  by Jesse James. It has a scene where one our members can be seen from back in the day.

The Wheel Lords MC was born in 1973 in San Jose California.  We were one of the original freedom fighters working for the rights of motorcyclists. We supported the Modified Motorcycle Association for quite a number of years with each member being a Gold card holder.

Although the club has been gone for nearly 30 years the remaining members still are a close knit bunch visiting and communicating with each other after all these years.

This page is a memorial page for our Brothers that have passed on to the big club house in the sky. May they ride forever!

Please sign the guest book to let us know you were here. It is on the right hand side.


                                                            5 Year Anniversary

                                                          Black Butte 1983


                                                            13 Year Anniversary

                                                              10 Year anniversay

                                                                     The Dons


Two Brothers came for my 50th Birthday.



Magazine that had comments from the

Wheel Lords in the editorial.




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